A safe place to store, access, and share your clinical files

Securely access your trial master file from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Always know the status of all your clinical documents, enable collaboration, and ensure eTMF quality and completeness.
ETMF - Manage clinical documents, enable collaboration, ensure eTMF quality. Secure your trial master file
Formalized means of organizing and storing documents, images, and other digital content for pharmaceutical clinical trials

Full support for the TMF Reference model

Supports the documents, properties, relationships, and hierarchies of the TMF Reference Model for both core and recommended documents.

Create template file plans will allow you to calculate the completeness of your TMF more accurately

Create, collaborate or upload easily

Create collaborative documents supporting live edit, suggestions and full audit trial. Upload existing files or create a placeholder.

More features

Support the DIA reference model

Provides standardized taxonomy and metadata and outlines a reference definition of TMF content using standard nomenclature.

Document Upload and Creation

Users upload or create documents in the system or through receiving an email.

User roles and security

Grant full or partial access to the TMF based on role, user and specific blinders.

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