Background  image for Zapclinica is an eClinical suite designed to manage and conduct  every aspect of your clinical trial.

The ultimate planning and collaboration app.

Transform Clinical Operations into an Agile business. Get things done on time, plan and overview your work in a single glance.

Manage team resources, and reduce communication breakdowns.

Every single aspect of a clinical trial has its dedicated task.

More features

Peace of mind for regulatory submission

From ICH/GCP and 21 CFR to GDPR and HIPAA, we provide you the tools to focus on the trial with complete confidence that your data is compliant.

Task and Action Assignments

Keep traffic meetings short and sweet. With task and action assignments, you’ll know the bandwidth of your team members to appropriately resource your projects.

Project Schedules and Calendars

Don’t let deadlines and due dates slip through the cracks. Our easy to use production schedules, calendars, project email alerts, and progress reports help you stay on track.


Task provides clear information about workload, capacity, and team availability to make planning easier.


Task makes it easy to set clear priorities, so your team can be more effective, efficient, and productive.


Harness the power of Task to help align your team from concept to completion.

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