Background  image for Zapclinica is an eClinical suite designed to manage and conduct  every aspect of your clinical trial.

Workflow automation for clinical trial operation.

Digitally transform clinical trial management by automating end-to-end workflows, human tasks, and decisions. Standardize all the processes in streamlined workflows that are easily configurable. Free employees to focus on higher-value work and reduces the time to market, the cost, and the burden to run a successful clinical trial.

Top features

Standardize all the processes

Every task can be streamlined in a configurable workflow . The user specifies the deadline, the requirement, and the dependencies.The system understands every aspect of the trial and its complexity.

Study mid-term change

The system understands the dependency and the timelines of every task. If a manager needs to adapt the trial , all the changes will trigger the necessary tasks ( requirements - review - validation ) to authorize the change in the most efficient way.

Expedite the planning process

Make it easy to expedite the planning process and monitor the trial in real time. Because the system will streamline every operational activity in a clinical trial, managers will have access to advanced mechanisms to monitor, organize and optimize the workflow.

Top benefits

Reduce spiraling costs

Less time-wasting means less money spent on data collection and team management. Managers are more productive and can focus on critical tasks.

Reduce the complexity of managing clinical trials

Fewer papers, fewer emails, and less time-wasting when managing or requesting statuses. Seamlessly blend structured and unstructured processes into a smooth, repetitive workflow.

Improve governance and oversight

Every user can see what they need to do : When they are done the system validates their actions and passes on to the next person. So, it's no longer necessary to run after people to request important information or get things acknowledged.

Improve compliance to regulations

Design process that complies with the regulations. Integrated Q/A prevents users from deviating from the protocols and increases adherence to regulations. The history of actions and events becomes auditable and verifiable.

Anyone can build workflows with a few clicks

Our editor was made for do-it-yourself automation. No developers are required to configure your workflows.

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