eConsent - end-to-end solution for consent process

eConsent - end-to-end solution for consent process

eConsent is an innovative, regulatory-compliant, patient-friendly, electronic consent system for clinical trials

Electronic patient-reported outcomes (ePRO) are patient-provided information about symptoms, side effects, drug timing and other questions recorded on an electronic device during a clinical trial.

Build a streamlined and compliant consent process

Build a multi-page consent walkthrough tailored to the specifics of the study and participants. Provide accurate and tailored consents form based on site, rules, or patient demographics.

Notify participants for re-consent

Engage with participants by letting them know they have a new consent to consider. Make sure participants always get the last version.

Improve document management and control

IRBs, sites, and sponsors collaborate in a single system—review real-time consent drafting progress and performance metrics.

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