Engage with participants through telehealth

Telemedicine - communicate with patients in real-time using text, audio, images, and video
Build CRFs in few clicks

Engage with patients

Securely communicate with patients in real-time. Send and receive messages in any format, including text, audio, images, and video.

Manage clinical trial participants directly in the EDC

Collect data accurately and efficiently

Create multi-stages questionnaires to report endpoint data and health metrics accurately. Structure virtual visit activity to reduce errors and improve patient safety.

Calendars and notifications

Keep track of critical timeline

Create calendars and send reminders via email, call, SMS to reduce patient drop-out and increase compliance to protocol. Make sure you have the resources available when needed the most.

Calendars and notifications

Peace of mind for regulatory submission

From ICH/GCP and 21 CFR to GDPR and HIPAA, we provide you the tools to focus on the trial with complete confidence.

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Zapclinica helps you managing your clinical trial, reduces the time to market, the cost, and the burden to run a successful clinical trial by operationally streamlining every task in an all-in-one platform.

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