Background  image for Zapclinica is an eClinical suite designed to manage and conduct  every aspect of your clinical trial.

Manage contacts

Store and track hen and how your partners are engaging with you. Invaluable tracking information is stored per partner and is revealed to you so you can follow up in an informed way.

Stay conversant with every detail of your contacts

Stay conversant with every detail of your contacts to interact with your partners, sites, vendors, participants at any time from any point. Prioritize communications, nurture relations and optimize sales results by systemizing and structuring all your contact data at one organized place. Contact management from Zapclinica helps you to give your team complete attention. Do not miss a single sight of existing relationships.

Contact management main page that shows clinical trial activity between teams membersContact management main page that shows clinical trial activity between teams members


Manage through a single page

Don’t miss any important conversation, manage all your contacts on a single page with Contacts . Stay cognizant of your contact’s needs and respond before time. Work smarter and save time with the contact management system. It provides a unified view of your contacts and their activities.

Contact timeline

Get up-to-date insights of your various contacts through contact management software from Zapclinica. This easy to use contact manager generates a graphical timeline consisting of complete information of the contact history. Information includes activity management, emails tracking and details of dashboard activities. This is critical in monitoring the status of your contacts. Plan further action for a positive response using our contact management software for clinical trials.

Bulk activity

Perform various activities on multiple contacts at the same time with the contact manager. It is easy, efficacious and convenient to use. Now email, message or notify bulk contacts together without wasting your valuable time. Reduce the time spent on manual tasks and save up to 37% of your time with our contact management system.

Add tags & smart filters

With Zapclinica’s contact management system, you can assign various tags to your contacts. Contact app allows you to sort contacts using more than 50+ filters, including tags. You can sort data using these Smart Filters and create a View. That means you don’t have to apply filters every time, just hit on the saved view and you’re done!

360° contact view

Everything at once! Zapclinica’s contact manager offers 360° Contact View that gathers every tiny detail about your contacts and brings it on a single screen. You can access activities, notes, emails, files, texts, and every key progress from contact timeline.

Built-in phone

Without a doubt, this feature makes Zapclinica the best Contact Management System! Built-in calling allows you to make calls to contacts without leaving Zapclinica. Apart from making calls, Zapclinica built-in phone allows you to send text, access call logs, record calls, and get call insights. You can use toll-free or virtual phone numbers to make quick calls to your contacts with no hassle!

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