Build secure API

Build secure API for automatic data ingestion from medical records directly. Design ingestion process and permissions with no programming. Control data compliance and track history.
eSource - Build secure API. Design ingestion process and permissions for data collection.

Turn a clinical trial to the next level

Collect data from patient records and other electronic sources such as devices and apps

From electronic medical records

Collect clinical data for use in clinical research from site/patient electronic health record systems.

From mobiles devices

Collect data from non-site personnel (e.g.: subjects, participants, and caregivers) using mobile devices including smartphone or tablet applications (e.g.: electronic clinical outcome assessment)

From Non-CRFs

From from internal sponsor sources (e.g.: specialty laboratories) or external vendors (e.g.: laboratory results, imaging, ECG, randomization, drug accountability) into clinical research data repositories/warehouses without entering the data onto a Case Report Form (CRF).

From direct data capture

Direct entry of clinical data by site staff into a mobile application or EDC system.

From wearable and sensors

Collect clinical data from wearables, and sensors (e.g.: glucose monitor, smart pill, remote chemistry, ambient sensors).


Scalability and cost management — maintaining flexibility and cost efficiency, and ensuring the solution is future-proof.

Why eSource ?

E-source is the digitization of this source data capture process

Virtualize APIs into unified clinical data model

eSource is the first API Integration Platform to virtualize APIs into unified clinical data models that eliminate brittle, point-to-point connections. With your data at the center, you get a cost, scale and performance advantage so you can seize new opportunities, create new experiences and discover what’s next.

Promoting real-time entry of electric source data during subject visits

No code required

Automating boilerplate code and config generation — ensuring that infrastructure, permissions and deployment setup are abstracted away from users.

Instead of recording source data manually then later transferring this data to an online data base, e-source captures data electronically off the bat.


Scalability and cost management — maintaining flexibility and cost efficiency, and ensuring the solution is future-proof.

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