Top 5 reasons your office should be offering Telemedicine

Zapclinica - Last updated : 5/4/2021, 3:02:56 AM

1. Generate Incremental Revenue  

Physician practices are in the “business” of helping people. Like any company, they need revenue from anywhere they can get it, especially with the current challenges of the U.S. healthcare system.

  1. Convert unpaid patient phone calls into billable telemedicine visits.
  2. Easily add extra appointments in the evenings and on weekends.
  3. Capture Medicare Chronic Care Management (CCM) reimbursement.
  4. Combat declining reimbursement rates.
  5. Provide surrounding rural population access to your practice

2. Increase Practice Efficiency

One of the biggest culprits of practices failing to thrive is office inefficiencies. A successful practice must run like a well-oiled machine. Telemedicine optimizes efficiencies so practices can recoup their expenses faster.

  1. Reduce no-show rates
  2. Create efficient blocks of back-to-back telemedicine appointments
  3. Eliminate eligibility checking, co-pay collection, and reminder calls
  4. Seamlessly integrate with current EHR and practice management systems

3. Improve Clinical Outcomes

High-quality patient care and positive clinical outcomes are the ultimate goals of any healthcare provider. Unfortunately, accessing this care can be complex and inconsistent for many patients. Crucial follow-ups are missed, and clinical outcomes can suffer.

  1. Easier access = better compliance with treatment plans, particularly for patients with chronic conditions
  2. Face-to-face video visits are more effective than follow-up phone calls, especially when discussing abnormal lab/imaging results
  3. Clinical outcomes are becoming increasingly important in value-based reimbursement

4. Increase Patient Satisfaction

No matter how efficient your practice maybe, you won’t succeed if your patients don’t return. Ensuring each patient feels valued and receives the highest level of care is critical. Video visits enable providers to be highly available, even during off-hours.

  1. Create ultimate flexibility for patients to “visit” the doctor from the comfort of home or office
  2. Reduce exposure to sick patients by avoiding office waiting rooms
  3. Provide easy access for basic medical needs, such as minor urgent care, prescription renewals, follow-up care, and chronic care management

5. Reduce Patient Leakage

With the explosion of urgent care centers and on-demand telemedicine services offered by employers, more patients are opting to seek medical care outside of the traditional practice setting. Telemedicine allows practices to remain competitive and reduce patient attrition by enabling them to provide convenient, cost-effective care to their patients.

Allow Zapclnica Telemedicine to power your practice. 

The essential steps to successfully implement telemedicine may seem daunting, but Zapclinca will partner with you to make it a seamless process customized to the specific needs of your practice. 

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